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Like a bad penny, CryptoWall is back: CryptoWall 4 Update

Keeping our promise to keep YOU in the know, here is an update on the latest cyber threat we've seen resurface.  We urge you to review your current data back up strategies and consider a proactive approach to protecting your business from this and other cyber threats.

Just in time for the holidays, the latest version of CryptoWall has begun circulating the net.

This version has new features including a redesigned ransom note, new filenames and now encrypts a file's name in addition to...

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A word is a word is a word, unless...it is your password. Tips for creating strong ones.

Hacking is rampant but why make things easy?  Strong passwords are one way you can protect your data.

Accounts such as AOL, Facebook, Yahoo, and others like this are constantly under cyber attack as cyber criminals and hackers try to back their way into your accounts to gain access to your data. The reason it is so widespread is because these systems are widely used and well known to you, to me and to hackers. 

To better defend against an attempted hack, you can simply create a stronger...

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